Sports League Photos

Why choose Olive Photography

Many sports photography companies are in the volume business, not quality. Only taking a few photos of each person, not really caring if that is the best possible photo. Customer service, quality photographs and printing are usually an afterthought.

Olive Photography is different.

Our attention to detail shows is the fantastic smiles we capture, and the fun we have taking the photos.

One, two or three photos are taken, as many as it takes to get the best possible photo! 

Our photographers and staff are easy to work, coordinating and scheduling your picture day. All the details are taken care of, right down to delivery.

High Standards: We have high standards and so should you, you deserve the best!

Large selection of products. Many fun items on our price list such as, Photo Sports Bottles, Phone Cases, Bag Tags, Photo Buttons & much more! 

League Kick Backs & Fundraising

 So many options are avaliable to give back to your league. Sponsorship Plaques, Silly photos, Coach Team Photos, Photo Button Fundraiser. Each league has diffrent needs. Let us help you taylor a Kick Back program according to your leagues needs.
Call to schedule your League photos today - 503-266-1515


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