About The Artists

Olivia Behrendt

A little about me.

I am Olivia Behrendt, Co-Owner of Olive Photography. I have enjoyed photography for more than 25 years, and was professionally trained at The Art Institute of Seattle. At the Art Institute I studied commercial photography, studio lighting, computer editing, portraiture, product photography, film development and printing. I have had the honor of working in the photography industry for 20 years for professionals in the commercial photography industry, as well as large and small scale portrait studios. Ken and I launched Olive Photography in 2005. Both full time at our own dream job, what could be better!




Working together

Sometimes it suprisies people to find out we enjoy working with each other. I'm just not sure how it would be done any other way! I know the way my brain works, and Ken picks up where I leave off. Its a perfect marriage of talents. Ken focuses on the Business end of the studio. As well as photo retouching, graphic design, photo restoration and additional photographer. 

Ken and Olivia Behrendt - Owners of Olive Photography  















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